At ReNTRY, our mission is to help disenfranchised individuals, groups and communities earn better careers –  through technology.

What does that mean? Quite simply, our primary focus groups are non-violent felons and US Veterans, who have served their time or protected our nation and have either paid back or paid forward their commitment to society.

We believe in providing a supportive environment where people can learn new and desirable skills, outside of a college education,  that they can both learn and apply successfully.

We’ll expand more upon that in our blog series but I, as a successful woman in tech, have all the degrees and certifications I need to impress you. I also understand the current market need for Admin roles, support services, case management, community management and more.



I also realize that this is extremely fertile ground to foster anyone with the right passion, drive and desire to move forward and leave the past behind.

This program is exactly what our candidates need to take control of their lives, build their families and contribute to their communities.  We should honor everyone who has showed up, owned up, paid their dues and is dedicated to moving ahead. No. Matter. What.

We believe that many promising individuals who are doing the right thing, working hard, and playing by the rules, deserve a chance to re-integrate , earning their success, in our society.

Many of the individuals in this very situation were never set up for success in the first place. That’s no excuse. But, hey, here’s an opportunity to choose differently. It’s not easy but, it’s doable.

You have to choose as well. Are you going to take action and contribute to a positive outcome for everyone or sit on the sidelines and pretend you are the judge and jury?

We believe that technology  is a powerful force in all of our lives. But, we also know that careers in technology ARE accessible and meaningful to those who have an aptitude and a desire to learn and apply new skills.



Our primary goal is that, any given candidate who graduates from the program, will add at least 20% to current wages after training in the program, which lasts from three to six months. But we wont stop there. We believe that once our candidates learn a skill and have knowledge, it belongs to them and they can apply it – forever.

Our true goal is to provide enough skills, training, support and coaching that our candidates not only have more earning potential, but they have lasting opportunities, with benefits, raises and bonuses. They get to be in teams and maybe even lead teams to great success. All we ask from them is that they give back in the form of mentorship to a program that helped them.

We think it’s a win-win, not only our candidates, but the community at large. Truly, at the heart of it, we believe that everyone can earn another chance and that no human life is expendable. Especially when you’ve paid your debt to society and, most especially, when you’ve paid it forward by serving your country.

Please donate to our organization so we can pay our candidates to learn and help them build a successful career.

Please volunteer your time, knowledge and mentorship so our candidates can learn from the best.

Please also read about and support the technologies we use to provide the foundation for our candidates to build careers.  First and foremost, we begin with instructing all of our candidates in Salesforce.com where they can learn CRM,  Administration, AI (Artificial Intelligence), BIG data, build communities, develop commerce clouds. There are truly endless possibilities within the Salesforce Ohana

But that’s not all. We integrate other key enterprise (e.g. very large company) skills

  • Project Management (PMI methodologies, PMP)
  • Web development (WordPress & Squarespace)
  • Microsoft  O365 (Sharepoint / Yammer)
  • Google+ administration and employee collaboration
  • and there is much, much more to come